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100% Cotton Clothing and Garments

We provide Stitching and Sewing of garments of any kind, suited to your needs!

About Pnosi

Welcome to PNOSI, where creativity meets community upliftment.

Founded by Phindile Sijadu in 2023, PNOSI is not just a fashion brand; it’s a beacon of empowerment and innovation. As the co-founder and head of design, Phindile brings her passion for design and fashion and her commitment to social change to the forefront of everything PNOSI creates.

PNOSI designs for all ages, and focuses on creating African prints using 100% Cotton, and creating clothing according to the client’s needs such as garments specific to the African weather conditions.

Product Range

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For more information, contact us on 084 828 0220.

About the Founder

Phindile Sijadu: Co-founder & Head of Design

Phindile Sijadu is the driving force behind PNOSI’s creative endeavors. With a keen eye for design and a heart for social impact, Phindile leads our team in crafting unique, thought-provoking pieces that transcend trends and make a statement. Her dedication to empowering others shines through in every aspect of PNOSI’s work, from product development to community outreach.


Grow the company, give back to the community – teach them how to stitch and make clothing from a young age.


Empower the community, fill a gap in the fashion industry, provide an opportunity for people to learn.

Client Testimonials

Some words from our happy customers!

Stitched to Perfection


33031 Raditsela Street
Extension 12


084 828 0220


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